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Pictures from Skiing! (Finally)

Mar 17, 2013

This post is from Mar 17, 2013. My views have probably changed since then. If it's about technology, any code is probably broken by this point.
So I forgot about my blog for a few weeks. Happens, I guess. This languished in drafts for too long, and there is more going on now, so I will try to post again soon enough. Hope you like the pictures

I did not caption all of them this time, since it would take a long time. Anyhow, the rest of this is mostly how it was in drafts for a while:

Hi again!

I wrote a pretty good length post recently, and I promised to try to be better about updating, so here I am! I also promised pictures from the ski trip and more, so this post is devoted to that. On the ski trip, I took some pictures, but others on the trip took much better ones, and we shared all of them, so this represents a selection. Basically, if the picture is really good, it was probably someone else who took it. I like looking through them, so I hope you do too!

That's me, on the ground on the right. I fell on the very flat part, because I am stupid.

The rainbow was cooler when you could see it in person. The camera doesn't quite capture what it was like.

And that's us! More blog to come, if I remember. Admonish me frequently to update, and then I can't help but remember!

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