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Updated Mar 18, 2015

I never finished writing this post, mostly because we were pretty wiped. The trip was amazing, and I should write more about it sometime. Here’s what I had, in case you wanted to see it.

We are on day 12 of our cross-country roadtrip. ‘We’ includes a rotating cast, mostly members of the startup shell, but also my younger brother Johnny. I am writing this from Boulder, CO, after spending nights in Cleveland, Nashville, New Orleans, and Austin, and passing through Columbus, Cincinatti, Memphis, and countless small towns in between. Tomorrow Richard and I will drive to Salt Lake City, and then on to Reno and Mountain View.

We end up with lots of time in the car for talking, listening to music, thinking, audiobooks, and radiolab. We’ve also gotten to see a handful of amazing cities, each with their own flavor. We’ve had the benefit of incredible hosts everywhere we’ve been - you know who you are, and you rock. We’ve tried to be as good guests as we could be, but have managed to screw up too much for the great karma we’ve gotten - oversudsing the dishwasher at my New Orleans cousin’s apartment will linger with Nick and I.

Roadtrip themes:

  • exhaustion
  • optimizing time
  • social pressure to not be the lame/tired person (we do all the things we can in each city)
  • figuring out where to live in the future
  • work/life balance
  • different people, different dynamics
  • startups, programming, design
  • speculation about our futures

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