Rob Cobb


Updated Dec 28, 2021

I’m Rob.

I’ve bounced back and forth between software and education. I care a lot about making education better, especially for people learning to program computers.

To me, better education means

  • more access
  • more value
  • more relevant

The best thing about writing online is getting to talk with people. I really love those conversations, so if you read anything here and want to talk, please cold email or dm me on twitter.

I sometimes post updates on my substack newsletter, CS Education.

I live in Washington, DC.

Lately, I’ve been working on Kibo, a new online university for African students. We’re building a CS degree first.

Some things I’ve worked on in the past:

More at my github. Also I have a code playground with some experiments.

You can reach me on Twitter @robcobbable

🤓😽 Rob Cobb
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