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December '18 Blogging Challenge

Dec 02, 2018blogchallengewriting

This post is from Dec 02, 2018. My views have probably changed since then. If it's about technology, any code is probably broken by this point.

December ‘18 Blog Challenge

Jeff is always up for a challenge. Two Decembers ago, we did a bracing month of

  • No Soda (easy)
  • No Alcohol (harder)
  • No Meat (worth it)
  • No Dessert (hard to believe - was this actually in the challenge?)

This time we are focusing less on input and more on output ;)

The Challenge:

  • 2 blog posts / week
  • Posts have to be written after Dec 1 (could be from brainstorms before then)
  • You could, in theory, write 10 posts on Dec 1 and save them for posting later in the month
  • Consequence: $500 to the charity of the other’s choice if you miss a week

We’re both hoping that this challenge will force us to write and publish way more.

As we go, I’ll update this post with links to the posts as we write them, and links to any notes or reflections.

Good luck to us!

🤓😽 Rob Cobb
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