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Pictures from the First 10 Days

Jan 15, 2013Norway Pictures

This post is from Jan 15, 2013. My views have probably changed since then. If it's about technology, any code is probably broken by this point.


I am gonna try a thing where I post pictures and text separately so that you can read everything without scrolling terribly, and you can just browse pictures if you hate reading. Here’s the pictures part!

I am putting one picture in each text post, but all of the pictures are going here, so that’s that. Also, these pictures are closer to real time, since I am doing them in batches, so they may contain spoilers about the next ‘real’ post, since they are the pictures from those events… You get the idea. Pictures:

From the Airplane, of the north edge of Denmark. Planes are the coolest.

The view from my seat! I was excited, it felt like magic. It looks the way you would expect magic to look!

Another from the plane. The region I flew over, the gulf between Denmark and Norway, is called the Skagerrak. Read about it!

After getting my stuff from the airport, I took a bus to the city. Some blurry photos resulted. I was trying to get the fjord, but the gaps between the trees were small and my photography skills are not much.

This one turned out beautiful, despite my efforts. This is a pretty country.

The snow is almost ready to harvest

Trondheim and its surrounding towns are picture-book idyllic. If I were a modeler, I would have a miniature Trondheim in my basement. It would be tough to do those clouds, though.

In the comments, please let me know if I should play more of an editing role and leave out the photos that aren’t any good. I just put them all here.

E6 is the major north south highway in Norway. It has an interesting history, too. It used to go all the way down to Rome.

Still on the bus from the airport to the Sentrum - Downtown Trondheim. Cognates make life so much easier.

Nidaros (The River Nid) from the path down to the Pilgrimsgard.

The view across the river, standing on the bank of the peninsula upon which downtown Trondheim rests.

Munkholmen (the Monk’s Home. Cognates, right?) from the Trondheim shore. An island in the middle of the fjord seems isolated, peaceful, and beautiful, but very cold!

From the dock, peering into the clouds and fog.

A look back at a nook in the harbor.

St. Olav peering out at Munkholmen across the fjord. 

Looking sharp, Olav.

The medieval architecture is incredible. Look at that!

Nidaros Cathedral. It’s even bigger in person, and the bells make the whole city reverberate.

Nidaros Pilgrimsgard, where I stayed the first few nights. Very cozy! NTNU, looming in the background.

Even the ducks are different colors!

It must be cold being a duck. Huddle together!

The city is safe and built for wandering. This footpath took me down to the river.

NTNU takes care to keep the campus beautiful. This is from the top of the hill in front of the imposing Main Building

This is a pretty city, and pictures from hills are easier. This one is also from the path in front of the Main Building.

That green steeple is Nidaros Cathedral.

From another spot on the river. The small towers to the left are those of that old Main Building.

Granasen, site of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 1997. If you can make it out, skiers would jump from the thin ramp and land 150 meters down the big one. My poor photography does not do justice to the scale.

More from wandering around Granasen. 

On our second day of Orientation, we did a walk to a cabin. Stunningly beautiful, and the pictures are a start at taking you there.

Down the road about a mile and a half there is a big cabin where a big group of us ate. 

Dawn and Sunset last for hours - the light on clear days is amazing.

The setting sun makes it easy on inexperienced camerapeople like myself.

A few fellow international students standing about before dinner

There were tons of us!

One of the questions I get most is “Why Norway?”

Heading in for dinner. We ate Rommegrot, which is a thick porridge, sweetened with cinnamon. Buttery and homey.

Now that I look at the picture, it is mostly of the parking lot near my apartment. I was interested in the mountains you can almost make out in the background. Whelp, I guess you have to come here and see for yourself!

The footsteps in the snow make me suspect some ice-volleyball. Why else is the net up?

I feel like I am getting better at photography. I mean, look at that! On the right is the entrance to the Electronics Building, and on the left is the Old Chemistry Building

Walking from campus up to Moholt through the terraced neighborhood offers a great view of the city and the fjord in the distance.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Next time I might not post the blurry ones, or, better yet, I will try to take clearer pictures. I hope you enjoy these ones, and the next real post is coming soon! The next picture dump might be a little while.


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